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Please, click on the icons on the maps for detailed information about our programs.



   Mon  Tue Wed Thur Fri  Sat  Sun
Center  7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 11am-1pm, 7.30pm (En/Farsi)  7.30pm  3pm  10am (En/Spa)
LAX area          7.00pm    
Pasadena    7.00pm          
Irvine              4.00pm
Oxnard      6.30pm        
East LA      4.30pm (Spa)        
San Gabriel        6.30pm      
La Quinta            11am  
Moorpark Contact for more information
Corona Call 949-278-5105 (Yana) for more information
Santa Barbara Call 805-570-6971 (Mabel) for more information

Our Center

Welcome to our Sahaja Meditation Center in Tarzana. Feel free to drop by and check one of our meditation classes which are given on daily basis: Mon, Tue, Wen, Fri at 7.30pm, Thursday from 10am - 10pm (nonstop), Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 10am. Walk-ins are welcomed, no previous registration is needed.
More information about schedule could be found on "Timetable" tab. Also, by clicking on the pushpin on the map you can find detailed information how to reach us.